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Наши предложения

Alan: Oh, then it mustvery interesting.

Lend me that book, Debby. I must read it. 

Amy: But Alan, you can't read French.

Alan: Well, I can learn, can't I? I must begin tomorrow.


       Listen and repeat.

Alan and Debbyaretalking about Amy's French. Amyishelping Jeena with her lessons. Theyare doing French exercises together. Amyonly a beginner. But Debbygood at French. Sheis reading a very interesting book now. It's about a night life in Paris.



                          (The telephoneisringing)


Debby: Debby's speaking. that you, Jeena? 

Jeena: Yes. Howyou Debby?

Debby: Very well, thank you. Can I speak to Amy?

Jeena: Yes, of course. Hold on a minute (Побудь на линии минуточку)...Debby?

Debby: Yes.

Jeena: I'm very sorry, but she can't speak to you now.

Debby: Why? What's she doing?

Jeena: She's washing her hair (to wash  hair - мыть волосы; мыть голову). Can you call her later (late-поздний; later - позже)?

Debby: Yes, of course. And what about Alan? he in?

Jeena: Yes, he. We're all in. Alanin his room.

Debbyishe working?

Jeena: No, he isn't working. Heisreading.

Debby: Oh, what's he reading? My French novel, perhaps.

Jeena: Perhaps. But I can ask him.

Debby: Oh, never mind (Не беспокойся. to mind - размылять о чем-л.; задумываться о чем-л.). What about you, Jeena?you very busy  tonight?

Jeena: Not very busy.

Debby: What're you doing? Your lessons?

Jeena: No, I'm not doing my lessons. I'm watching a video.

Debby: Well, and can you all come for dinner tonight? We can play Ticket To Ride (настольная игра) afterwards (после; потом).

Jeena: But I'm a very bad player, Debby.

Debby: No, younot bad, and  youarelearning fast.

Jeena: Well, I must ask Alan and Amy.

Debby: And go and ask them now.

Jeena: Debby, you there?

Debby: Yes. Well, areyou coming?

Jeena: Yes, weare. Thank you, Debby. Expect (to expect -ожидать; рассчитывать на что-л.) us at about  eight.

Debby: Good.


                   LISTEN AND REPEAT

Amyiswashing her hair. Debby can't speak to her now. Alanisreading a novel. Alan, Amy and Jeena n't very busy tonight. They can go and play Ticket To Ride to Debby. She can expect them all at about eight.   



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